About Travis Holeman

Captain Travis Holeman has lived everywhere from Florida to Alaska. If you don`’t know Travis personally chances are he knows somebody you know. Always driven to compete, he has tried his hand at numerous sports such as mountain bike racing, wakeboarding, and snowbording. Following a near death experience while living in Colorado teaching snowboarding, his perception of life shifted. Fly fishing became Travis’ outlet. While his adventurous soul remained, Travis found a balance between the calm and contemplative aspects of fly fishing and the extreme environment in which it takes place. He also justified his competitive demeanor as his attention turned to the innovative and technical elements of the sport.

In 2003 Travis and his brother Bryan placed 4th in the inaugural Fly Fishing Masters Championship and so began their career in professional fishing. Today Travis competes as a professional tournament angler in ESPN’s Redfish Cup and featured on ESPN’s Quizno’s Shark Series. Travis and his brother Bear have also been featured on ESPN’s The Spanish Fly with host Capt. Jose Wejebe fishing Louisiana’s vast marsh’s. Recently Travis is featured in the fly fishing documentary “DRUM” filmed by World Angling Media slated to hit world markets in the spring of 2010. If you happened to catch the Fly Fishing Film Tour in the last four years you have seen Travis at work with a pole or a fly rod in his hand.

Travis’ true motive for guiding is to maintain peace within and further his observations of the ever changing saltwater environs our query lives. The ever creative Travis Holeman preaches, “through friendships with like minded individuals whom maintain a vision of the future based on growth and spiritual freedom, we may able to achieve success and enlightenment while on the many adventures that will surely follow us along the way.”


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