Fly Fishing

We’re on a mission to share our passion, obsession, and experience the excitement of catching monster redfish while fly fishing or sight fishing. We want to give the world the opportunity to catch truly giant redfish up to 40 pounds while fly fishing or sight fishing in 3 feet of water or less. And there is no better place to sight fish ch giant redfish than the state Louisiana!

During the fall and winter months,, concentrates on the Biloxi Marsh, where the big redfish and black drum come in to feed in the shallow warm waters. The spring and late summer months we dedicate our time further south where the bull redfish get in huge schools preparing for their annual spawn.

When you fish with, you don’t have to worry about the guide being on the clock. We always strive to put our anglers on as many fish as we can and we will work hard all day long to put you on the redfish or black drum of a life time. Weather you set out to catch a fish on a fly rod and the conditions may not be conducive to fly fishing; we have no problem keeping a spinning rod ready so you have a better opportunity to catch a monster fish. We want our anglers to have a trip to remember when fishing with Captain’s Jason Catchings and Travis Holeman, and when you leave you will always want to come back for more!

We fly fish and sight fish year around for redfish in the marshes South of New Orleans. The redfishing takes place around Hopedale, Louisiana and Delacroix, Louisiana. We also fly fish or sight fish for redfish in the vast marshes in Venice, Louisiana and Calcasieu, Louisiana.

Louisiana Redfishing is great year around. Redfishing in Louisiana from March to October consist of fishing in the vast interior marsh ponds and bays. This is a great time of the year to catch numbers of redfish in the 4 to 12 pound range. From October to February in Louisiana redfishing means monster redfish in the 20 to 40 pound range. We are looking at catching only 4 to 6 fish a day. This is because we are fishing for monster redfish in very shallow water. They do not get this big by being dumb.

In late Fall, schools of redfish show up by the thousands in the mazes of lagoons, bays and bayous that make up the Louisiana coast, fattening up for the winter months.

Let Jason Catchings and Travis Holeman and their team of expert, licensed captains introduce you to this region’s incredible fishing for monster redfish, numerous redfish in the 4 to 12 pound range, huge black drum, and monster speckled trout.

You’ll fish from modern skiffs equipped with poling and elevated casting platforms, sight-casting to big, feeding fish in knee-deep water. We only sight fish – no blind casting. And to top it off, the marsh areas that we fish are true wilderness areas, where you rarely see another boat, much less another fisherman!
What to Expect for the day:

Depending on whether you stay at one of the hotels in the French Quarter or at one of our lodges the day will determine the plan for the day. We recommend that you stay in one of the hotels, because there is a great night life and world class restaurants at your door steps. It also allows us to be more versatile in where we go fishing and gives you the angler the best opportunity to catch fish.

On the day of the trip, our guides will pick you up after breakfast or will take you to a local eatery if you desire, and you’ll ride to the launch together. The drive will be spent talking about the plan for the day, which typically lasts 7 to 10 hours, depending on sunlight, wind, and water conditions. We do not leave working fish. We will stop on the way to eat breakfast, if you haven’t done so already, and we will pick up sandwiches as well. Fall and winter trips will usually begin around 8 a.m. at the launch (we will pick you up around 6:30 a.m.), this gives the water time to warm up after being cool over night. During the spring and late summer months, trips will start a little earlier in order to get to the fishing in before the water gets too hot.

We provide all the gear: rods, reels, flies and leaders. We encourage you to leave your equipment at home because of the hassle of flying and checking your gear. If you break or loose one of rods or reels you will charge the full replacement cost of the equipment.

However, if you elect to bring your gear, we will work with you and if necessary, will make suggestions to assure a productive experience (our Checklist page). We can also provide spinning gear or baitcasters for those who don’t fly-fish. In fact, we have on occasion offered fly fishermen spinning gear or baitcasters to finish the day when conditions prohibited fly fishing.

Our philosophy is that the day belongs to the anglers. Guides are all about putting you on fish. We want to catch fish with a fly rod, but if you get tired or the wind is too strong, we keep fishing and will try something different. We simply use another method of fishing to finish the day. Satisfaction and opportunities are what the angler and the guide are both looking for, and we will make sure that happens!