Our waterfowl hunting takes place in two different locations. The first place is the marshes and shallow back lakes of Port O’ Connor, Texas. We offer world-class wing shooting both in the morning and afternoon in the Port O’Connor area. The mid-coast area of Port O’ Connor and Seadrift, Texas is the wintering grounds of one of the largest concentrations of redheads in the country. It is common to see the sky turn black with the number of ducks that rise off of the shallow water marshes and back lakes in the mornings. Huge concentrations of Pintails, Redheads, Blue-bills, Widgeon, Teal, and Gadwall make the midcoast their wintering grounds. Goose hunting in the Port O’ Connor and Seadrift area is outstanding in the numerous agriculture fields and freshwater marshes. The duck hunting and goose hunting is usually better in December and January in this area. With forty different blinds to hunt, ponds and fields will not get burned out or over crowded. Having numerous blinds in different areas, allows us to move with the birds throughout the season.

Come join us for a great combination trip (Cast & Blast). This trip will let you duck hunt in the morning and fish in the afternoon. This is a great value and a great trip for the parent/child or business entertainment trip!!! This trip is available in the Port O’ Connor, Seadrift, and Anahuac/Winnie areas.

The second location is 20,000 acres of freshwater marshes, rice fields, and prairies in the Anahuac and Winnie, Texas areas (45 minutes East of Houston). All of our ranches are privately managed to produce the best waterfowl habitat on the Texas Gulf Coast. We specialize in providing one of a kind combination duck and goose hunts. We also offer some of the best late season goose hunting over rye grass fields.

Complete hunts include experienced guides, comfortable blinds, large decoy spreads, transportation, and trained retrievers. When you have 20,000 acres to hunt you do not have to worry about overcrowding and burning out fields or ponds everyday!!